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Sun, surf and exquisite scenery are the qualities that most visitors equate with San Diego. Nestled in the southern most corner of California's coastline, the city is blessed with sun year round and temperate weather during most of its winter months. Many travelers come here just to bask in the warmth and experience what it is like to live in a Southern California paradise.

Surrounded by long sandy peninsulas (which the locals call 'islands'), San Diego provides the optimum setting for a vacation getaway. Pristine beaches - such as Coronado Island's secluded waterfront - and trendy upper-class shopping districts, overlooking the bluffs of San Diego's 'jewel', La Jolla, are two of the unique characteristics of this city.

SeaWorld, on the shores of Mission Bay, is yet another. It is the city's closest and most respected link to the ocean and in many ways, San Diego's central identity. The centre for several wildlife conservation programs, as well as a source for public education, its name is now inextricably linked with San Diego. The more obvious ties to the sea are evident in the sun-tanned, barefoot, bikini-clad surfers that fill the city, especially just north of Mission Bay, where the small shops, coffee houses and restaurants of the city's beach area, the heart and soul of Southern California lifestyle, are located.

The San Diego Bay is a vital part of local commerce. Fishing boats and Navy docks share space with a multi-vessel Maritime Museum and bustling cruise ship port; in 2004 the bay welcomed the aircraft carrier
USS Midway, centerpiece of the new San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum next to the cruise terminal.
Even this battleship gray behemoth is dwarfed, however, by the cruise ships that visit next door, including Carnival's Spirit, a Mexico fun ship whose decision to make San Diego its home port provides an economic boost that heralds an ambitious expansion of the cruise ship terminal.
Historic communities like the Gaslamp Quarter - San Diego's first commercial district - and Little Italy, which once supported a multi-million-Dollar tuna industry, are now centers for performing and visual arts. Once a year, artists in the downtown sector open their studios and galleries to the public as a celebration of the area's artistic heritage. Music is an integral part of San Diego's heritage as well - it has become the theme for its historic Gaslamp Quarter festivals and the blues and jazz musician, Jim Croce, is a vibrant part of the city's heritage. Home to dozens of cultural organizations, writers' guilds and artist co-operatives, San Diego is one of Southern California's most important centers for the arts.

The Spanish influences remain in this day, especially as San Diego is barely an hour's drive from the Mexico-US border. The evidence of this inextricable connection with its Hispanic beginnings is everywhere, although most notably in cross-border festivals, such as the Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the San Diego International Film Festival and the Latino Film Festival. Yet this city, which attributes its modest beginnings to the efforts of a single Spanish monk, is also home
to more than a dozen world faiths, including Hindu, Islam and Judaism. It is not one single city; it is a patchwork of cultures, neighborhoods and small, uniquely defined communities - the epitome of the American melting pot.

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